Tipping Vendors

So I probably get asked this question…by EVERY client…WHO and HOW much do I have to tip at my wedding?

First, let me start off by saying…tipping is 100% optional & 100% unexpected!
My advice is to think about who has really gone that extra mile for you? Here are a couple helpful questions to ask yourself when thinking about who to tip:

1. Was this vendor available to you each time you had a question or concern?

2. Did this vendor perform additional services or add extras for you?

3. Did this vendor have your best interest in mind throughout the planning?

4. In regards to entertainment- did the Dj or band really listen to your requests and/or feel the energy of your guests and entertain accordingly?

5. Was the service provided impeccable?

If you answered yes to most of these for a particular vendor, then you’ve got your answer! Now the big one…HOW much should I tip them?

In my opinion, 10% of their total service price is quite generous. If you’ve paid your Dj $2,000, then I would suggest $200. If you’ve paid $10,000 for your band- that would be $1,000 which would be split amongst all the band members by the band leader.

I also highly recommend considering a gratuity for your catering manager & banquet captain. These two people play a huge role prior to and on your wedding day. The banquet captain works very closely to your planner ensuring set up is as planned, food comes out on time & most importantly that service is exceptional to you and your guests. Anywhere from $150 and up up and up…are always appreciated by them and in my opinion, well worth all their hard work. A gift for the catering manager is also nice if you’d rather make it more personable.

I hope you find my advice helpful!

Happy Weddings,